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Friday 16 December 2011

Outsider Intro

There are hundreds of online gambling blogs, but very few of them deal solely with big priced selections. In part that may be because the win rate and hence the perceived success rate is much reduced. If someone is offering up even money selections they're bound to have frequent wins even if they aren't doing particularly well. With outsiders the very opposite may be true. It's just not realistic to hope for a high win to loss ratio when you're concentrating on selections that are, say, 20-1 or more. That of course doesn't mean that you can't or won't be successful by looking for outsider value though.

The aim of this blog is to cover big priced betting opportunities, and detail the success or failure in doing so. I'll be listing all of my selections and will also be opening up the blog to others with interesting thoughts relating to outsiders. Many of the selections will be from the world of horse racing, though I won't limit the interest to that sport alone. There are plenty of outsider betting opportunities in boxing, darts, football and more. That's without starting on the often wildly unpredictable world of reality TV. Stay tuned!


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