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Monday 2 May 2016

Leicester City win the Premier League at 5000-1

We typically cover horse racing outsiders on the blog nowadays, but how can I avoid giving a quick shout out to Leicester City who did the 'almost' undoable by winning the 2005-16 Premier League at mind boggling odds of 5000-1 at the start of the season (to put it in frightening perspective Dean Gaffney is only 1000-1 to win a best actor Oscar!).

It's no wonder they were big (or rather huge) odds this year since they spent whole months at the bottom of the table last year. Tonight they finally sealed the deal courtesy of a draw by the only other team still in the race, Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs were up 2-0 against Chelsea at half time, but goals by Cahill at 58 minutes and Hazard at the 83 minute mark meant that Tottenham's dream of pipping Leicester City to the title were well and truly over. Spurs themselves had been looking to win their first title since 1961.

Considering the huge odds it's surprising that more punters didn't have a few quid on Leicester to win the title. It's almost as if even supporters didn't even see this outcome happening in their wildest dreams and who can blame them really. Still, some punters did come out of it pretty well:

One Sky Bet customer cashed out his £20 each-way bet on Leicester City, made in August, in mid April for a cool £108,703.41 return. Others also cashed out at the high £xx,xxx range too, after not being able to hold their nerve. Sam North from Loughborough cashed out his £10 bet early too, bringing him a tidy £28,907.51. Even Tom Hanks made an unusual and unlikely claim to be lumped on Leicester!

At the other end of the scale an Edinburgh mum is set to win £250 after placing a tiny 5p bet on the Foxes with William Hill, just 2 pence above their minimum bet. In fact, Will Hill revealed that only 25 people across the entirely country (3 from Leicester!) took the offered odds of 5000-1.

Not everyone had quite so much luck mind you. One Ladbrokes punter cashed out his 45p 5000-1 Leicester City bet right after their very first game of the season, costing him £2,500. Whoops!


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