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Tuesday 27 December 2016

This Year's Big Outsider Win

It's been an interesting and lively sporting year but surely the biggest and most shocking outsider win of them all was none other than Leicester City who managed to clinch the 2015/16 Premier League at mind boggling odds of 5000-1. Most punters, even Leicetser fans, didn't actually see the bet through to its conclusion, instead cashing out early, though there were a handful of punters who did manage to win a pretty penny! While Leicester's performance this season is more in line with what you'd have expected last year, perhaps the most surprising part of this whole achievement was that the team won the league by a clear ten points (81 to their nearest rivals Arsenal at 71 points).

I feel that we'll be waiting a good while until we find another Leicester level premier league win. It's a once in a lifetime win! Still, let's hope that 2017 offers up a handful of huge priced outsiders for us to take advantage us, whether on the nags, football or another sport!


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