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Friday 9 June 2017

Boris Johnson for Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson for Prime Minister? Personally, it's not a thought that fills me with boundless joy, but really I'm just bleary eyed, election watching, and casting my mind back to an outsider that one punter bet on late last month. A week or so back, people were laughing themselves silly at a £2000 bet one Labrokes punter made on Boris Johnson to be prime minister after the 2017 election (by July 1st). It led to much head scratching and the odd comment that this guy must be a nut!

As it turns out though, it seems like the punter was thinking along the right lines. At time of writing, the 2017 general election seat tally is Con: 303 Lab: 256 Lid Dem: 12 SNP: 34  Other 21 . This is a significant under performance for Theresa May and has the potential to create more problems than it solves. As such, itm ay well be that the party decides that she now has to go. With that in mind the former London mayor is currently rapidly shortening in price to be the next leader.

So I hear you ask, what were the betting odds for Boris becoming prime minister following the election, when this brave follow bet a cool two grand on it. Wait for it........... 100 - 1 . Possibly he'll now try to lay off some of the bet to make sure he gets a clunk of well deserve cash based on his foresight. It was a shrewd bet considering that a hung parliament wasn't 'entirely' out of the question, and the fact that Boris Johnson was widely expected to run for the Tory leadership last year following David Cameron stepping down. This political betting certainly lark seems to work out okay for some, and I'm glad someone is benefiting from our current crazy political lurches this was and that. Uncertain times ahead.


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