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Monday 25 September 2017

What are the Chances?

Sometimes, despite the time and effort put in to analysing form, it can seem like a real uphill struggle to pick a winner. That applies to all sports I'd say. This is especially the case when your whole angle is in picking outsiders, because even in a good year you'll be picking far more losers than winners, it's the nature of the beast. So it's more about mentally getting yourself attuned to the idea that not everything you bet on will come romping home in first place, and that you're going to have the odd dry spell of bad results - it's inevitable.

Of course it pays to remember that the opposite will sometimes be true too. There will be moments in betting, no matter your area of expertise, where you feel that you just can't put a foot wrong - a temporary midus touch - and so in the long run it all balances out really.

While specialising in an area or having various other advantages over the average punter can give you the edge you need in the long run, it's of course also true that outside of that expertise, any punter, casual or professional, can be on the receiving end of unfathomable good or bad luck.

Both the ups and down of fortune are perhaps never more apparent than with poor Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who won $35million on the slots, but was tragically left paralysed just 6 weeks later due to a car crash. On the more positive side, take the retired Las Vegas flight attendant who only intended to bet $100 on the slots, but got carried and and ended up spending $300. Her reward? A $27.5 million win on the megaslots machine. Or 74 year old Johanna Heundl who also decided to give the megaslots machine a swirl while on the way to breakfast. She thought she'd struck it rich with a $2million win, but she'd misread and it was actually $22million. Not a bad win to rack up before your breaksfast!

A friend of mine is moving to Las Vegas this year and so - who knows - I might have my own rags to riches story before long. In the meantime though, if you're interested in some slots machine fun, EmotiCoins Slot is a good option. With free spins and a welcome bonus it's a nice way to kill some time and if your luck's in, who knows how much you might pocket.


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