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Thursday 5 October 2017

Horse Racing Tips

Horse racing has been around for a very long time, powered by the punters desire for a quick win and a lifestyle of celebration. Well, a quick win in most cases and it can become a desire to be victorious at the races.
Winning is always nice and many a person can develop a taste for it. Indeed, it’s a trait that can be passed on to siblings and family generations follow in their forefather’s footsteps and travel to racecourses that scour the great English and Irish countryside.

Where to find a tip?

It’s a common term; “tip”, especially when heading out for the day at the races. Many a hardened gambler will often give his nose a tap, when you mention this word. Try it, they may even offer you some insight, though be wary they could also mislead you with their information. This help them get a better price see, well, in their heads it will.
So, where can you find a decent tip? Don’t worry, back alleys don’t really abound these days and the long mac’d, woodbine smoking man, donned with flat cap is still stuck in the 1950s.
All you need these days is a good internet connection. If you’re web savvy you’ll soon find yourself drowning in tips, from self-proclaimed horse whisperers to people who have the winning, mathematical formula that, not only predicts horse racing outcomes, but could take us to the moon. A good source of daily horse racing tip actions come from the guys at TheWinners Enclosure, just follow the link for more daily horse racing tips and insights.

What goes into the making of a tip?

Well, you know what a tip is but how is the judgement call made, what’s the formula to making a tip?
The best tips are the ones where the horse has big odds, these guarantee the biggest returns see. But, why would anyone tip a horse with huge odds? Usually, they won’t but every now and then a horse may appear where a bit of inside information could’ve been leaked. For example, so one notices the owner of a particular horse throws their maximum bet on it. How this information is derived is beyond us but visitor courses and now and then you may over hear a conversation that suggests this has occurred.
Use this information wisely, it may sometimes be correct, but this doesn’t mean it’ll win, though crazier things have happened…

What do the bookie tipsters consider when putting a tip together?
The more uniformed approach involves looking at a horse and checking out the runners. Is there a favourite who’s romped home in their last few outings? Probably. Have any others in the line-up done anything similar? Possibly, but if not you may find yourself leaning toward the favourite.
Slightly more advanced insights will involve conditions, has the favourite won on a dry field before, does he like wet conditions, what sort of condition is he in now? These are more immediate factors but can strongly influence the horse’s performance.
The horse’s mark is also a serious condition; a horse’s condition is usually always being monitored and the higher the mark the better the horse ranks. The marks that refer to a horse’s score are judged differently, dependant on the country the horse comes from. Just beware of the mark, you can find these online.

Is there such a thing as a one-horse race?

A punter will tell you yes, but it’s in their interest too. They love going to the races and having a bet. They’ll not say otherwise, will they?
It’s rare that a horse with low odds against a field of horses who don’t come near to it in the odds stakes, fails to win the race. So, an intelligent answer could be yes, but it’s finding that race these days that can be tricky. Even if you do there’s always a slight chance something profound may happen and the horse doesn’t win.
Good luck with your horse bets, but remember; a lot of thought has gone into those odds and a tip may just be as good as a well calculated prediction.


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