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Saturday 3 March 2018

The Changing Face of Gambling

I remember the days when betting was either the domain of heading to the bookmakers, casino or making your way down to the race track. None were particularly seen as attractive or unattractive options, they were simply the only shows in town. Now of course with gambling moving firmly into the 21st century that's all changed, and often betting shops are now seen as something that's rather old hat or quaint. Of course there are betting terminal casino game options in bookmakers and the like that are fairly popular, but that's not the full picture. Now bookmaker websites often take the place of physical bookmakers, and casino websites emulate bricks and mortar casinos. Punters can even 'cut out the middle man' entirely with peer to peer betting exchanges.

Even currency is now an area where there are now more options than ever. Many gamblers now opt to bet via an online bitcoin casino. Some see this as an appealing option due to the lack of bitcoin regulation and it was bound to happen anyway really, as the balooning value of bitcoin creates markets where people want to use this ever more versatile cryptocurrency exactly how they please. Many of these bitcoin sites have the same kind of bonus offers that gamblers know and love from more typical betting websites and so playing for bitcoin instead of other forms of currency is largely a seamless process. Of course not everyone owns bitcoin, but for those who either do, or have an interest in acquiring them (as many do each time the currency makes the news after reaching a new high!) this is certainly an option worth considering.

Whether you move with the betting times and use online betting exchanges, online casinos, online bookmakers or a combination of the above, the topic of bonuses really is a point worth stating. In bricks and mortar bookmakers I've rarely seen any decent offers of bonuses or incentives of any kind other than something minor. Online though, it's a different world. Some punters really do tip the odds in their favour by keeping an eye out for big bonuses that give something of a boost to their betting bank. These perks can either result in ramping things up profits-wise, or in a worst case scenario cushioning potential losses. Gambling is often a matter of margins and finding value, and in my view if you find the right bonuses this can definitely feed into the art of locating value.


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